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As British police continue to investigate the case of the 39 bodies found last week in a lorry in Essex, many are questioning some media outlets' early speculation on the nationalities of the victims. Updates are necessary with new developments; Corrections are a must with new findings.  But something fundamentally wrong with journalism can never be excused.  Whatever you say in your reports – be it news or views – has to start with confirmed facts. 

随着英国警方对上周埃塞克斯货车39人殒命案的进一步调查,许多人开始质疑一些媒体早先对受害者国籍的揣测。 事态不断发展,证据不断涌现,更新和纠正都是必要的,但新闻报道的基础性错误是不可原谅的。 无论是新闻还是观点,都必须以确定的事实为基础。
The Essex police did say last Thursday that all the victims were "believed to be Chinese nationals." But they quickly retracted that statement – and have repeatedly warned against speculation.埃塞克斯警方在上周四的确说过受害人“据信均为中国籍”,但很快就收回了这一说法,并反复警告外界不要揣测。
I admit speculation is quite inevitable. As I speak, there is a great variety of claims on this matter, on the Chinese social media as well. It's been a lesson for many in the journalistic profession: how to be timely and responsible at once. I guess this will always be a challenge in the era of 24-hour news. But in the Essex case, I discerned an extraordinary amount of conscious sloppiness, to say the least, in the international media.
揣测在所难免,此时此刻,关于该案件还有各种各样的说法,包括在国内社交媒体上。 专业媒体人需要时刻提醒自己: 时效性和真实性同样重要。 在新闻全天候的时代,这会一直是个挑战。 但在埃塞克斯案件中,我却发现国际媒体尤其不负责任,甚至混淆视听。
In one British TV report, a seasoned reporter said that police had not confirmed the deceased were Chinese – he just heard that from other sources. But it didn't prevent him from recalling a past case involving Chinese nationals. In another report, a journalist first acknowledged it would take time to identify the victims, but then shared his interview with a Chinese-British man who explained how human-trafficking networks operate in China. On another channel, a senior host reminded viewers that it's not confirmed the victims were Chinese. But she said, "Let's just assume they were"! She even asked her guest to comment on how Chinese state oppression might deter affected families from coming forth.
在一则英国电视报道中,一名资深记者虽然说了英国警方还未确认死者国籍,自己只是道听途说,却依然回忆起曾经报道过的一桩涉及中国人的案件。 在另一英国媒体报道中,一名记者说确认受害者国籍需要很长时间,随后却分享了他对一名华裔男士的采访,谈中国的人口贩卖网络的运作。 在另一频道上,一名资深主持人首先提醒观众死者是否为中国籍尚无定论,但之后却说“让我们假设他们是中国人吧! ”她甚至让嘉宾评论,中国政府的“压迫”是否会导致受害者家庭不敢露面。
What's behind the collective failure of these media to meet minimal professional standards? 
In my eyes, a CNN journalist in Beijing shed some light on the psyche behind this phenomenon. Last Friday(October 25), as Essex police were warning against speculation, the correspondent asked the spokesperson of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs: What would motivate people from China to want to leave in such a risky way, "after so many successes, advances and progress of the past 70 years"? The spokesperson responded that his question was inappropriate as facts were still missing
在我看来,一位CNN驻京记者的言行解释了这个现象背后的心理。 上周五(10月25日),埃塞克斯警方还在警告大家不要揣测,该记者却提问中国外交部发言人: “新中国成立70周年来取得了很多成就、发展和进步,为什么中国人却通过这种极端危险的方式逃离? ”发言人指出,这个问题不合时宜,因为真相还不清楚。
Nevertheless, CNN had prepared a lengthy report to answer that very question. The article examined why Chinese risk their lives to enter the UK, although acknowledging the victims were only believed to be Chinese. The journalist cited unverifiable numbers to denote China's "huge" migration trend and pointed to a widening wealth gap as an important reason.  Regardless of her truthfulness, she jumped the gun.
不过,CNN制作了一条长篇报道来自己回答这个问题。 该报道承认受害人仅是“据信”为中国籍,但依然追问中国人为何冒着生命危险进入英国。 记者援引了无法证实的数字来试图证明中国“巨大的”移民潮,并认为不断扩大的贫富差距是一个重要原因。 不论这些话真实与否,这文章显然做得太早了。
Such stories have drawn natural criticism among the Chinese public. I understand many in the foreign media want to dive deep into Chinese society and bring to light what they believe is dark but true. But don't jump too fast, too soon. Your professional credibility is at stake.  
这样的报道自然引起中国公众的普遍反感。 我理解许多外国媒体人希望深入挖掘和曝光他们认为的中国社会的阴暗面,但别操之过急,否则职业信誉难保。
As police continue to establish the facts, let's all pause for a moment to think about the souls who perished in this tragedy. They deserve respect.
警方还在进一步确认事实,让我们停顿片刻,去想想在这场悲剧中逝去的灵魂吧。 他们应当得到尊重。